we lanuch our newest avanced nanometer waterproof led strip recently. then what is nanometer waterproof led strip. let us introduce it for you.

Nanostructure waterproof led strip is adopting advanced and newest LED technology . The Nano waterproof led strip include FPC flexible circuit board, LED and spraying layer.  the LED is soldered on the flexible circuit Board  and the spraying layer is floating at LED lamp pearl and the flexible circuit Board of FPC, the spraying layer thickness is 0.1mm -0.3mm.

The nanometer waterproof led strip can solve a series of problems from traditional ip65 strip,such as,  heat dissipation, anti UV, resistant, color temperature drift, the strip weight, its colour temperature drift is little, better waterproof performance (waterproof grade IP65) , dampproofing, working in temperature -20 to 50 degrees, simple process is made to 90 degrees no yellow stain phenomenons of humidity.

 original from SUNROLEDS